Mar 26, 2015

Fire on Second Ave, Sad Day in the East Village

Two buildings on Second Ave were on fire after a gas explosion. My Thoughts go out to all the people that lost their homes today.

Nov 6, 2014

Canal Plastics Center

Earlier this year Pearl Paint on Canal Street closed. I was really depressed about that and thought, thank goodness we still have Canal Plastics. They have been around for decades and are one of those businesses you can only imagine in New York City.
Next time you renovate your apartment or work on an art project, just go, they have tons of things you did not know you needed. Like maybe a neon yellow back splash for the kitchen anybody??

Sep 24, 2014

People at the Climate March

Sunday's Climate March in Manhattan was an incredible event. Over 300 000 people marched to demand action. I had to take some portraits.......
The lady in the yellow suit jacket is Zephyr Teachout who just ran against Andrew Cuomo for the
nomination for governor of New York. The gentleman in the second to last image in the lavender colored shirt is a scientist who works with Focus Fusion.