Nov 17, 2017

A Visit to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota

In April of this year I traveled to Pine Ridge with the non-profit organization One Spirit.
The tribe of the Oglala Lakota Sioux lives on this reservation and I was very happy to meet some of them.
One Spirit has a few programs on the reservation like a monthly food distribution that is run out of the 'American Action Garage', a youth center,
the building of a buffalo house and many more. I was documenting these programs.
 I was helping to deliver some food rations to people which turned out rather difficult since it is very hard to find people on the reservation. There are no street names and addresses are rather descriptive,
like: '3 miles south of Sharp Corner, the first blue house by the big tree'. To say the least, it took me some time and I had many great encounters.

There are many severe problems on the reservation dealing with poverty, unemployment, sickness like widespread diabetes and alcoholism.
If you feel like helping out, please visit One Spirit's website.

These photos were also featured on aCurator

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