Jul 21, 2011

Gerard's Upholstery

A few months ago Gerard closed his upholstery shop of 20 years in Brooklyn. Here are some visual memories of this amazing place, home of superb craftsmanship.


  1. These are extremely gorgeous photos, Gudrun. Great work!

  2. O so beautifull, means a lot.

    Thank you!

    Dianne Soli (family)

  3. What a beautiful, medieval craft. How soothing to look at these soft fabrics, patterns, designs. Only now I wonder how this curvelinear craft actually came about. This person knew about an ancient world; he knew stitching techniques, sloping shapes, artistic influences developed over centuries. Rest in peace, Gerard. Sleep restful & tight; on a crimson cushion worthy of eternity.

  4. These photos are truly amazing, Gudrun. For years I've been wanting to look him up and see what he built up over there. I guess the lesson to be learned here is to never postpone anything and just go for it. Something my uncle always lived by.

    Thanks for publishing these, it sure means a lot.


    Patrick van Lijf, nephew to Gerard.
    Maastricht, the Netherlands.

  5. Thanks Gudrun,my uncle was a really good person and a artist in his work.
    greets Lonneke.

  6. Thanks everybody. Gerard was an amazing artist and craftsman, I loved visiting him at his studio and watch him do his thing. He was very very inspiring to me.
    A true free spirit with a down to earth attitude, not very often found!!!